The Quantum Engineering group gathers the groups of cold atoms and matter wave interferometry. It has been created in September 2015.


We are working on a number of experimental and theoretical projects. The cold atoms team explores the possibilities offered by BEC machine to realize quantum simulations, chaos or atom optics.The atom interferometry team develop quantum sensors based on matter waves intererences with applications in applied science and in fundamental physics. 

The theory part is developed alongside the experimental activities and also about some quantum engineering topics such as shortcuts to adiabaticity.



  • Our article on resonances in chaos-assisted resonances has been accepted for publications in Science Advances
  • Due to the growing health concern related to the spread of the coronavirus disease, we have been obliged to cancel the STA 2020 conference organized in Toulouse
  • The BEC team welcomes Bruno Peaudecerf as a new permanent researcher member.
  • Our review article on Shortcuts To Adiabaticity is now published in Review of Modern Physics
  • Proposition de thèse pour l'équipe interférométrie atomique : sujet 1 et sujet 2
  • Proposition de thèse pour l'équipe atomes froids (FR,EN)
  • We organize the next Shortcut To Adiabaticity conference at Toulouse (see our website STA 2020)
  • Our ANR application (TANAI)  for the Atom Interferometry group has been selected (July 2019).
  • Hooray ! We obtained a rubidium BEC source for the atom interferometer machine. see.
  • We were very happy to host a workshop on the recent developments in atom interferometry: website here.
  • Proposition de thèse 2019 pour l'équipe interférométrie atomique (Test de la neutralité de la matière)
  • Proposition de thèse 2019 pour l'équipe atomes froids (simulateur quantique d'états topologiques)
  • Congratulations to Eric Michon who defended his thesis on tuesday 4th september 2018
  • Our ANR application (STATE) for the extension of Shortcut To Adiabaticity to statistical physics has been selected (July 2018), it involves L. Bellon, S. Ciliberto and E. Trizac.
  • Prof. Peter Schlagheck from Liège University visited us as an Invited Professor of NEXT (june -july 2018)
  • Congratulations to Julien Alibert who defended his thesis on tuesday 12th december 2017
  • Our ANR application (COCOA)  for the BEC experiment group has been selected (July 2017), it involves O. Giraud, D. Ullmo, G. Lemarié and B. Georgeot.


Bose-Einstein condensation, atom interferometry, atom optics, atom laser, superfluidity, quantum chaos, shortcuts to adiabaticity, kinetic theory, quantum simulator, spatial gaps, Bragg mirror, atomic beam splitter, atom transport, large momentum beam splitters, atom neutrality, atom chip, Feshbach resonance, staggered state ...