The Quantum Engineering group gathers the groups of cold atoms and matter wave interferometry. It has been created in September 2015.


We are working on a number of experimental and theoretical projects. The cold atoms team explores the possibilities offered by BEC machine to realize quantum simulations, chaos or atom optics.The atom interferometry team develop quantum sensors based on matter waves intererences with applications in applied science and in fundamental physics. 

The theory part is developed alongside the experimental activities and also about some quantum engineering topics such as shortcuts to adiabaticity.



  • Alexandre Gauguet passed his HDR: Well done!
  • Congratulations to David Guéry-Odelin for his appointment to Institut Universitaire de France
  • Congratulations to Tangui Rodzinka for his PhD defense !
  • Our article on quantum ratchet published in Physical Review Letters selected as an Editors' suggestion and featured in Physics !
  • 24-month post-doc position available (post-doc offer)
  • Congratulations to Ashley Béguin for her PhD defense !
  • Congratulations ro Nathan Dupont for his PhD thesis prize from Académie des sciences, inscriptions et belles-lettres de Toulouse !
  • Congratulations to Nathan Dupont for his PhD defense !
  • Notre proposition  «Cold Atom Rubidium Interferometer in Orbit for Quantum Accelerometry – Pathfinder Mission Preparation» (Carioqa-Pmp) a été approuvé par l'UE.
  • Juin 2022 : Notre demande de financement QuCoBEC sur le contrôle optimal des condensats de Bose Einstein dans des réseaux optiques a été sélectionnée par l'ANR CE47
  • Nos travaux relayés par le communication du CNRS et de l'université Paul Sabatier
  • Our Master 2 Internship / PhD proposal: a newcomer in quantum calculation
  • France Culture en parle ! Notre collaboration Hanovre - Orsay - Toulouse a permis de refroidir un gaz à la température la plus basse jamais observée 38 pK ! (article, viewpoint)


Quantum simulation, quantum control, quantum engineering, quantum metrology, optimal control theory, quantum tomography, Bose-Einstein condensation, atom interferometry, atom optics, atom laser, superfluidity, quantum chaos, shortcuts to adiabaticity, kinetic theory, quantum simulator, spatial gaps, Bragg mirror, atomic beam splitter, atom transport, large momentum beam splitters, atom neutrality, atom chip, Feshbach resonance, staggered state, spontaneous four wave mixing, supersolids,  Fisher information, ...