Data analysis program


In this section, we propose our Matlab and Mathematica programs that we use for analyzing our data.

They have been written by Aéla Fortun and have been extensively used in our article on the tunneling delay time measurementThey are described in details in the file Annexeprogramme.pdf


Matlab programs




programme_4_traitement_vmax.m uses the three input files 

Oscillation_2p8El_DataIntegClean.txt, Oscillation_2p8El_T.txt, Oscillation_2p8El_X.txt 

The 4 Matlab programs call the  Calc_OD.m program.

We provide here the data ( for program 3, for program 4 and,, and for programs 1 and 2).

The results are summarized in Resultats_des_programmes_1_2_3_et_4.pdf

Mathematica program

Traitement Kapitza Dirac.nb