Baptiste Allard

Maitre de conférences

Laboratoire IRSAMC-LCAR 

Université de Toulouse, Department of Physics 


Phone: +33 5 61 55 84 92



My research activities now focus on metrology measurements with degenerate atomic ensembles and separated arms interferometers. The goal is to improve the performance of atom interferometers by using Bose-Einstein condensates with applications for fundamental physics tests.


Key words : Bose-Einstein condensates, Atom interferometry, High precision measurements.


Short CV


I did my PhD at the Institut d’Optique under the supervision of P. Bouyer and T. Bourdel.  I worked on the effect of a correlated disorder on the conduction and thermodynamics properties of two-dimensional degenerated Bose gases.

My PhD has been followed by a 4-year postdoctoral stay in the group of Pr. P. Treutlein at the University of Basel. My project was to study correlations on atomic spin-squeezed states. We have demonstrated Bell correlations on a ensemble of 480 Rubidium atoms using a new measurement protocol.

I have been recruited as assistant professor in the atom interferometry group at LCAR in Sept 2016. We are currently building a new atom interferometer based on Bose-Einstein condensates and large-momentum transfer techniques.






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